Do you want to become a better keeper?

Keepers Development & Coaching is a keeper school, who works to improve the quality for anyone, who wants to develop as a keeper regardless of skills and individual ambitions.

About KD&C:

  • KD&C is a keeper school for every active keeper – girls, boys and YOUR club!

  • We work to improve the quality for keepers, who want to develop regardless of skills and ambitions.

  • We practice in levelmatched groups of four to six people.

  • Our starting point is match-related exercises.

  • We have a positive practice environment with focus on every individual.

  • We create development at all levels both on and off the field.

KD&C offers:

  • KEEPER CAMPS – one or more days for all keepers.

  • CLUB PRACTICE – individual packages with keepertraining in your club.

  • MATCH ANALYSIS – We make individual evaluations and trainingprograms based on attending matches.

  • CONCEPT PRACTICE – focus on individual areas of the keeper’s game.

  • PRIVATE PRACTICE – for each single keeper or with several keepers.

  • PROFESSIONAL TRAINER COURSES– for team coaches, keeper coaches and future coaches.

Would you like to know more? Please contact:
Dan F.C. Petersen on either email: info@kdogc.dk or by phone: +45 42 72 52 91